High Tech

Keen understanding of High Tech Market combined with expertise in design, configuration, implementation and testing of software platforms for mission critical applications

Companies in this sector are facing an extremely dynamic and challenging scenario characterized by products that are ever more numerous, complex and with a shorter life cycles.

In order to compete in such a reality, it is imperative to respond quickly to consumer demands with new products that include innovative technologies meeting those expectations of fashion and design required by this market.


High Tech

Our Offer

TXT NEXT is an all-round partner for HTM companies thanks to its keen understanding of High Tech Market dynamics, its specialization in design, configuration, implementation and testing of software platforms for mission and business critical applications, its acknowledged expertise in supply chain management.

TXT NEXT offers a specialized and innovative portfolio software solutions and services to support:

  • Mission Critical
    Systems software

    With an ever-increasing proportion of electronic system functionality being defined by software component, embedded software is at the heart of any complex device we use in our life. TXT NEXT is the ideal partner for embedded software, having a deep experience in the development of embedded software in industries with a widespread presence of mission and safety critical systems and provides special capabilities and expertise.

  • Business Intelligence
    & Business Process

    Due to an ever-growing usage of IT instruments, companies nowadays avail of a huge amount of information that may become a corporate asset generating competitive advantage only if transformed into structured data. To be competitive, businesses must respond quickly and effectively to market demands by taking correct decisions to enhance integration systems, minimizing costs and maximizing results. TXT NEXT proposes solutions that meet customers' specific needs and include best practices, deep domain and process knowledge gained alongside leading companies.

  • Independent
    Verification and

    Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) means that a board completely independent of the company that has developed it evaluates the software. As a systems engineering discipline, IV&V activities proceed concurrently with the systems development life cycle and expand beyond formal testing or traditional quality assurance to ensure compliance with expected quality standards throughout the systems development phases. TXT NEXT provides a wide set of IV&V services on behalf of its Clients in order to ensure compliance with expected quality standards throughout the system's development phases.

  • IT Governance
    & Quality

    Due to an ever-stricter legislation, the importance of IT Governance is growing side by side with the emphasis given by companies to Corporate Governance, of which IT management is a full-fledged part. That is why the setup of IT tools and its architecture governance within the company organization should also be in line with its strategies.
    IT Governance has the task to assure that any IT investment generates value for the company while mitigating risks linked to IT itself. TXT NEXT supports companies with its ability to design and implement processes of budget, portfolio analysis and demand management.

  • On the Planning side, TXT provides a full Sales and Operations Planning solution to align Demand with Supply to achieve maximum profitability as well as detailed Production Planning and Scheduling solutions that enhance production efficiency and agility through optimization.