Banking & Finance

TXT offering benefits from consolidated domain competence, extensive tool expertise and proven knowledge on methodologies & standards.

TXT has a consolidated domain expertise in the Banking & Finance Market, garnered by serving the IT Departments of major Italian Banks since 1994.

Thanks to its domain competence and its ability to operate in business critical areas, TXT is able to offer solutions and services designed to manage business processes, improve employee efficiency and optimize software quality.


Banking & Finance

Our Offer

  • Enterprise

    Banks are facing continuous changes affecting not only their internal organization but business processes as well: being able to offer solutions for productivity efficiency translates into a quick response to the needs of flexibility, updating and time to market. Intranet, company Websites and their Web 2.0 evolution in Virtual Workspaces allow the creation of privileged areas to facilitate and reconfigure communications within a company, taking advantage of collaboration between people. TXT is able to design solutions enabling new organizational and working models, covering the entire project life cycle.

  • Business Process
    Management & Business

    The adoption of a Business Process Management (BPM) approach in the IT banking industry helps fill the gap between business and IT by promoting a real collaboration around business processes and ensuring a life-long consistency of IT and business needs. The adoption of an IBM BPM and a proven competence in managing process and data enable TXT to deliver projects that improve enterprise performance and business agility.

  • Independent
    Verification and

    Software Verification & Validation is defined as a system engineering methodology aimed to ensure that quality is "built into" the software during development. TXT offers a proven experience in IV&V, providing a large team dedicated to IV&V activities for different markets and wide-ranging knowledge of HP suite.

  • IT Governance
    & Quality

    IT Governance is the formalized adoption of methodologies, practices and tools for deciding how available resources should be allocated. TXT has distinctive Asset and Know How in the Process Governance, thanks to the experience in conducting projects in different markets (like Finance, Aerospace or High Tech Manufacturing):

    Asset -Technological solutions to support the IT government process thanks to the adoption of HP Project Portfolio Management

    Consulting - Consulting services for the organizational aspects of the Governance Model setup, for the review of operational processes, for the definition of internal rules and of requirements

    Integration Services - Technical solutions integration services, with particular attention to the recovery and reuse of existing components and support for deploying the Governance Suite

  • On the Planning side, TXT provides a full Sales and Operations Planning solution to align Demand with Supply to achieve maximum profitability as well as detailed Production Planning and Scheduling solutions that enhance production efficiency and agility through optimization.