Automotive & Transportation

TXT provides specific domain capabilities and expertise, in accordance with the most stringent standards and availing of advanced software engineering methodologies, environments and tools.

The automotive industry is undergoing unprecedented changes: consumer demand for more safety, comfort and entertainment means that mechanical and performance features are not enough, calling for increased vehicle ICT investments. What's more, market competition is getting tougher by the day and implies the shrinking of product development time-to-market reduction and cost savings. In such scenario, technological and planning innovation plays a key role: to remain competitive whilst perfecting consumer safety and experience, manufacturers need to integrate electronics with vehicles and optimize the entire product development process, cutting costs and improving product quality and reliability.


Automotive & Transportation

Our Offer

Our offering includes services and solutions for

  • Mission Critical
    Systems software

    In the automotive market, electronic content is growing significantly in both amount and complexity due to consumer demand for more safety and comfort: new cars are executing tens of millions of lines of software code, controlling everything from brakes to radio loudness. Embedded software is becoming a critical factor, as well as a key differentiator for the success of a carmaker. TXT provides embedded solutions, which combine specific competences on specialized architectures and tools, field-proven methodologies and an extended expertise.

  • Complex

    Product and process complexity, combined with tighter on time and on-budget constraints, make manufacturing operations a highly complex task in the automotive industry. Digital Manufacturing is the best solution to fulfill these requirements: linking all manufacturing disciplines like manufacturing process design, process engineering and production management, more and better products are brought to the market, faster and at lower cost. TXT leads the way towards the new Digital Manufacturing paradigm, supporting automotive manufacturers through all the phases of the manufacturing process lifecycle.

  • Mission Critical
    Verification and

    Automotive companies operate in Mission & Safety Critical domains, thus the quality and the reliability of software are key factors to success: since software quality cannot be added afterwards, timely and careful verification and validation process is fundamental. TXT experience covers the full Software lifecycle from Software Inspection and Software Code Coverage Analysis & Execution to Software integration Test (SIL) and Hardware Integration Test (HIL) as well as Fault Injection procedures.

  • IT Governance
    & Quality

    IT Governance has the task to assure that any IT investment generates value for the company while mitigating risks linked to IT itself. All this is possible thanks to the design and implementation of a corporate structure that includes and clearly defines roles and responsibilities related to IT issues. The skills and experience gained in the Aerospace industry, together with its ability to design and implement processes of budget, portfolio analysis and demand management, make TXT the ideal partner to help organizations in this important evolutionary stage.

  • Business Intelligence
    & Business Process

    Due to an ever-growing usage of IT instruments, companies nowadays avail of a huge amount of information that may become a corporate asset generating competitive advantage only if transformed into structured data. This is of strategic importance due to the current economic scenario, characterized by uncertainty and unpredictability. To be competitive, businesses must respond quickly and effectively to market demands by taking correct decisions to enhance integration systems, minimizing costs and maximizing results. TXT proposes solutions that meet customer's specific needs and include best practices, deep domain and process knowledge gained alongside leading companies.

  • On the Planning side, TXT provides a full Sales and Operations Planning solution to align Demand with Supply to achieve maximum profitability as well as detailed Production Planning and Scheduling solutions that enhance production efficiency and agility through optimization.