Aerospace & Aviation

TXT acts as a global, highly specialized, partner for Aerospace and Aviation Companies along their main business processes.

The Aerospace industry is experiencing enormous challenges in terms of fierce global competition, heavier emphasis on performance, quality and schedule, tighter budgets from Customers and stricter government regulations.

In order to remain competitive and address these challenges, Aerospace manufacturers are looking for new ways to contain costs, boost productivity and reduce time to market, while improving quality and compliance with standards.

Leveraging on more than 20-years of experience in the Aerospace arena, TXT acts as a global, highly specialized, partner able to support Aerospace Companies along their main business processes taking the maximum advantage from ICT technologies and applications.


Aerospace & Aviation

Our Offer

  • On-Board

    In the Aerospace industry, on-board software has the very specific requirements of a navigation, mission and safety critical component: software performance influences the ability of the overall system to accomplish its mission. Besides, the related software malfunctioning might imply a risk for the health or lives of human beings. Capitalizing on that experience, TXT proposes an engineered approach to software factory, including methodologies, software solutions and services (for instance V&V activities).

  • Simulation
    & Modeling

    The success of any mission depends on the availability of a "right aircraft system" Availability in terms of certified personnel (pilots, crew and maintainers), adequate fulfill of the necessary on board items and well properly planned mission. Leveraging on engineering capabilities, TXT can support aerospace companies in the development of state of-the-art training and operational services & solutions, able to increase product utilization rates and total cost optimization.

  • Preliminary Aircraft &
    Aircraft Systems Design

    Up to 80% of the total life-cycle cost of an aircraft are decided in the early design stages, so getting it right the first time is vital to the overall success of the product development. PACE software solutions for preliminary aircraft and systems architecture design enable aircraft manufacturers and first-tier suppliers to explore a wider range of design alternatives and reliably assess the technology mix of future products. They boost product innovation, support investment decisions and reduce the time to market.

    For more info: Preliminary aircraft and systems architecture design solutions

  • Product Configuration

    Aircraft are highly customized products tailored to the unique needs of specific customers, but at the same time subject to a wide range of technical, legal and regulatory requirements. PACE aircraft and cabin configurators support this complex selection process with a highly visual configuration approach and real-time compliance checks, which significantly reduce lead times and revision cycles. In addition, the availability of consolidated project data and standardized documentation promotes an effective communication between manufacturers, component suppliers and airline clients.

    For more info: Aircraft and cabin configurators

  • Complex

    All Aerospace companies are facing an increasing complexity in its products. The complexity lies not only in the product itself, but also in the way the product is to be designed, tested, its components procured and produced, assembled, distributed and served at costumers' side. Companies operating in complex manufacturing context require both adequate supports in terms of methodologies and IT tools and a background of competences and experiences. Harnessing its deep experience to the so-called complex manufacturing in the aerospace industry, TXT is the ideal partner to lead the way towards the new Digital Manufacturing paradigm.

  • Aircraft Analysis and Evaluation

    Choosing the right aircraft for operation on a specific route is a challenging task which involves complex trade-offs between aircraft configurations, maximum flight range and passenger and cargo capacity. PACE aircraft economics and route analysis tools deliver highly reliable projections of aircraft technical and economic performance in specific operational scenarios, providing aircraft sales and marketing teams, airline fleet planners and strategic flight planners with a complete picture of the alternative aircraft options.

    For more info: Aircraft economics and route analysis solutions

  • Fuel and Operational Efficiency Management

    Airlines committed to reducing fuel burn and improving their fleet’s operational efficiency must aim to operate as closely to the optimum flight path as possible. PACE’s flight profile optimization tools for EFBs enable pilots to respond directly to changing flight conditions and proactively seek ways of minimizing trip cost en route. Giving flight crews a better understanding of the economic impact of their on-board actions allows airlines to tap into an unused fuel-saving potential of 1-4% on average.

    For more info: EFB-based flight profile optimization solutions

  • Business Intelligence
    & Business Process

    Due to an ever-growing usage of IT instruments, companies nowadays avail of a huge amount of information that may become a corporate asset generating competitive advantage only if transformed into structured data.This is of strategic importance due to the current economic scenario, characterized by uncertainty and unpredictability. TXT proposes solutions that meet customers' specific needs and include best practices, deep domain and process knowledge gained alongside leading companies.

  • On the Planning side, TXT provides a full Sales and Operations Planning solution to align Demand with Supply to achieve maximum profitability as well as detailed Production Planning and Scheduling solutions that enhance production efficiency and agility through optimization.