The TXT Markets

We partnered with Clients in the Aerospace, Automotive & Transportation, High-tech Manufacturing and Finance sectors, providing advanced software solutions and services that empower their engineering capabilities.

We are able to support our customers throughout their product lifecycle. From software design and development to verification, integration and final certification, we offer engineering services in the field of critical Airborne and Embedded Software development, Training and Simulation solutions and Digital Manufacturing.

Together with our subsidiary, PACE Aerospace Engineering and Information Technology, we develop innovative, highly usable software products for the aviation and aerospace industries, which have helped to design, market and operate a signifi­cant portion of the world’s aircraft fleet for more than two decades. Major areas of application are preliminary aircraft and systems architecture design, aircraft and cabin configuration, aircraft economics and route analysis and EFB-based flight profile optimization.

We have more than 70 customers, serve worldwide with an experienced, well-referenced team of 350 specialists and rare competencies, offering innovative software products and services, and providing a one-stop shop for their customer’s engineering needs.


TXT at a Glance

​"Technology at work" was the pay-off of the company from which TXT was born.

Over the past 30 years, TXT has applied this vision, merging IT Technologies expertise with ever-increasing domain knowledge. Leveraging on these two elements, TXT is able to put software into products (i.e. embedded software) and into Customers’ business processes, becoming part of their value chain.

This capacity has brought us to be recognized as valuable partner in avionics and automotive markets, as well as IV&V experts in the banking area.

In the coming years, our aim is to broaden our presence through Europe and extend our applicative knowledge to new domains. 

Stronger commitment on knowledge management and knowledge sharing will also allow us to grow organically, transferring and inculcating usable senior knowledge into young engineers.

Our certifications

In 1994, TXT was one of the first software companies in Italy to be awarded with the ISO-9001 Certification. Since then, Quality assurance for customers’ projects is a matter of top priority.

To accomplish better the customer expectations, in 2013 TXT has achieved the Capability Maturity Model Integration Level 3.

In addition, for the Aerospace domain, the EN 9100 model has been achieved to better fit the avionic market needs.

Partnership & Membership